Tanya, Таня

Tanya is an original partner in our Full Service relocation company for Americans.

Tanya is our expert on turning a bare walls apartment into a beautiful home.  You might not expect an attractive young woman to be a general contractor but since women typically do the drywall finishing work and painting and decorating in Ukraine, it is not unusual.

If you are middle aged with children, Tanya will also be your primary contact for schools and most other issues related to young families.

Our Owners!

About Us, Full Service for Americans in Ukraine


Регенераторная, 4,

Днепровский район, г. Киев

Здание 4, Квартира 038


Email: don@cit-services.com

Text: +1 (380) 66 222 9844 preferably Telegram or WhatsApp



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