Ukraine is Still a Free Nation

If you listen to the news and people who have never been outside the USA, you might think that Ukraine is a drab and uninviting post-Communist 3rd world country.  You might think that it is unsafe or that there is nothing to see or do.  Or, since Ukraine is part of Europe, you might think it is expensive.

None of this is true!

This picture was taken in the central part of Kiev.  You can walk on this street and thousands like it at midnight, alone, even if you are a woman or an elderly man.  Kiev and Ukraine in general is far safer than ANY major US city.

Despite being part of Europe and being a $100 airline ticket away from most European cities, Ukraine is very inexpensive.  A great condo 30 minutes from downtown will cost less than 1/4 the price of Boston or Miami and we won't even talk about New York or California.  A comparable restaurant is less than half the price of any American restaurant you can name.  We could give hundreds of other examples but in general, if the price has a large labor component and it is not imported, it costs half as much in Kiev as anywhere in the USA.  Smaller Ukranian cites are even more inexpensive and it is possible live very well in most of Ukraine on under $750 a month.

So what do you like?  Nightlife?  To put it plainly, this place is paradise for a single man.

Skiing, fishing, hiking, the beach?  Ukraine has all of these.

Come and see for yourself!   We will help you stay.

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